Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What's in a name?

Blimey, what a mission naming this blog was!
The first 3 names I wanted were already taken. Predictable I suppose, but having looked at these blogs I can see that 2 are now unused, their last posts being over 3 years ago. A shame.
So, was I being too obvious in my naming? Blogger helpfully tried to suggest some alternatives that included my name, but this wasn't what I was after.
The next title I tried was available, excellent! But this made me stop and think...why had nobody else thought of this one, did it have another meaning that I was missing that would cause people to stay well clear when they saw it...? The name being available actually put me off choosing that one. It looked dull and boring.
I then chose to look for inspiration from the blogs that I read each day. Some are simple, just the author's name, others use a play on words...maybe I could try that? An unreasonable amount of time followed where I looked up quotes that I could play with, and used a rhyming dictionary for a snappy title.
So I got to thinking, does my blog title really matter? Would the title put people off reading what I have to say? And in the end I decided that no, as long as its not too daft, no-one is really going to care what my blog is called.
I hope you enjoy my posts here. I'm going to be writing mainly about the learning that takes place when I work with students when they come in to the CLC and when I go out to support learning in schools.
I'd love to know if you stopped by!


  1. Good luck with the blogging, I'll be interested to see what you get up to at your CLC, compared to ours!

  2. Thanks Catherine, I had a class blog when I was a class teacher but haven't written about what I've been up to for a while. A shiny new blog space is lovely!