Thursday, 17 February 2011

Apps in Education

Whilst at the Learning Without Frontiers conference last month I picked up quite a long list of apps that were recommended by speakers or delegates I got chatting to.

Actually, the term 'list' makes it sound very organised. When I returned home what I found I had was a scribbled pad full of jottings, and therein was my dilemma. How best to present this information to others (and to myself in the future)? In the end I ended up simply turning it into a list on Google Docs so it could be easily passed around to other staff at the CLC and others who asked for it.

Then earlier this week I put the link on Twitter, and quite a few people got in touch to recommend other apps to be added. I really wasn't happy with the list staying as a list, and so the Apps in Education wiki was born.

The apps are sorted into subject areas, with a short description of what they do and links to their iTunes page. It's searchable and I also included a page for links to projects based around apps, aiming to inspire others to give some a try. I'm really hoping it'll flourish into an extensive resource.

If you have any apps or projects you'd like to be included, please just let me know!

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