Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Clicker books on film

This week a year 6 group I work with completed their Victorians mini-project, carried out over 3 afternoons. The outcome was that each pair produced their own film of a Clicker book that they created about the Victorians.

Afternoons one and two involved the children researching the topic and creating their on-screen books, with the help of Clicker's pop up word grids (great built in support especially for the EAL children in the class) and links to websites such as BBC Primary History. This enabled them to be highly independent in creating the content of their books, especially when Clicker reads each sentence aloud once the punctuation is added. Self correction at its most effective!

The final afternoon was first spent creating a clean screenshot of each page of their book. These were then added to iMovie, along with their voiceovers, transitions, music and film effects. Here's just one example of what they created...

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